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¡Enviamos a Toda La República Mexicana!

Individual leather chairs

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1. Dazzling stainless steel and smooth leather combine and the design is complete.
2. The first layer of cowhide material is durable, mothproof, aging, breathable and anti-dull, easy to clean.
3. X-curved 304 stainless steel frame design, with excellent load-bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, high hardness, robustness and durability
4. The backrest is soft and comfortable, with an ergonomic design that conforms to the human back.
5. Exquisite buckle-shaped surface, visually three-dimensional and complete, not easy to collapse, highlighting taste and fashion sense.
6. Filled with high-density sponge, sitting comfortably and gently supporting the buttocks
7. Can be adapted to a variety of decoration styles, can be placed in the living room, study, office, etc.