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¡Enviamos a Toda La República Mexicana!

Jayden Gray Side Chair (2/CTN)

Precio actual Pago de Contado
$ 6,123.63
Precio original 12 MSI
$ 6,809.96
*COVID-19 may affect the shipment of your order. Please contact us to check item availability before purchasing. Our previous approximation was 30 to 60 days.
Ventas Online: 625-120-3636

Jayden Gray Side Chair (2/CTN), 18 3/4"W X 23 3/4"D X 39 1/4"H, 44lbs.
These chairs' lattice styled panel backing is mirrored in the matching table's pedestal design creating a unified look between the two. The ivory seat cushions offer a stunning contrast to the grey finished wood. There's a balance about this set that makes it suitable for just about any home.

Large Pedestal Base
18" Expansion Leaf
Padded Fabric Chair
Panel Back Chairs

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