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¡Envíos a todo México!

Reflections base de espuma (3 niveles de firmeza)

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Precio original Hasta 12 MSI (mas informacion 614-351-5852)
*COVID-19 may affect the shipment of your order. Please contact us to check item availability before purchasing. Our previous approximation was 30 to 60 days.
Ventas Online: 614-351-5852

At Diamond, we know not everyone is the same. That is why we offer 3 choices that are tailored to your preference.


   Many brands are succumbing to the latest trend to give you only one option       when buying a mattress.Their marketing departments come up with clever taglines like "Our mattress is so perfect, we only need one!" In reality, it's easier and cheaper to manufacture and that’s why they do it. With our mattresses, we offer firmness, That lets you select the feel that suits you best.

  • VENTILATED GEL MEMORY FOAM Actively memorizes your body type, weight and shape for a personal & conforming fit without creating that sunk-in feeling.
  • SNOWSTORM COOLING FABRIC Touch me, I’m cool. CoolRelease technology helps your body regulate temperature and feels cool to the touch for better sleep.
  • GRAPHITE CRADLE Highly conductive graphite memory foam offers cool and supportive sleep with little to no motion transfer.
  • ORTHOPEDIC SUPPORT LAYER Provides the perfect support to the transitional comfort layers above, helping you maintain healthy spinal alignment.


Integrity is our company's number one core value. This translates into building you a quality product at a fair price.


Our mattresses are up to 70% more durable than other foam mattresses. It's so good,twice as long as our competitors.


Each Diamond mattress is made fresh in California, hand-crafted in our own factory using American-sourced materials.

Supportive, Pressure Relieving Foam Comfort


Cool & Contouring

Advanced open-cell technology and hyper-conductive cells move heat away from your body to keep you cool at night

Pain and Pressure Relief

Specialty foams adjust to your body and relieve painful pressure points while staying cool


Certipur-US foams are made in the USA and designed for health and extremely low VOCs

39 "x 75" x 14 "
53 libras

Gemelo XL
39 "x 80" x 14 "
58 libras

54 "x 75" x 14 "
67 libras

60 "x 80" x 14 "
80 libras

76 "x 80" x 14 "
100 libras

Cal King
72 "x 84" x 14 "
100 libras "